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1984 has clearly arrived in the Uk


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[quote user="Bugbear"]Orwellian surveillance

"The technology can tell motorcycles apart from other vehicles, measure their speeds and will be able to read number plates under plans. Data such as the routes taken by individual motorcyclists along with time and date will be collected and kept even if they have committed no offence."


No different in that respect to the trafficmaster system used throughout the UK.

The cost of these measures clearly show that the authorities beleive there to be a big problem with recreational bikers on these specific roads, its interesting that there has been no denial of this from the motorcycle groups.

It looks like it has been specifically designed to show up groups racing or even staging sprint races.

Track days in France look even more appealing despite the fall of the pound.

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Check out this MCN link to the [url=http://www.motorcyclenews.com/upload/220508/Bikers_A6_Booklet_2008_tcm9-71588.pdf]Biker's Guide to Derbyshire[/url] published by Derbyshire County Council which provides accident details for all the popular bike routes in the county.  See how many involved loss of control at speed by the rider.

Also some interesting data produced by the County Council on their [url=http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/transport_roads/road_safety/motorcycles/motorcycle_forum/default.asp]Motorcycle Forum[/url]. 



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Bugbear - keep your back straight as well as your friend Winston in the corner - we can see you you know. As you are fully aware we are at war with Oceania or is it Eurasia this month; who knows, who cares, let's just call them terrorists - we need to protect you - it's all for your safety, you know it makes sense.

Scarey or what ?



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