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Motorcycle ballet! (Don't try this yourself!)

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Well, both Lorenzo and Stoner managed to start in the end and Lorenzo put up quite a challenge still until he overcooked his attempted pass on Rossi. How these guys ride so well with the injuries they are nursing is quite amazing...they must have some very powerful painkillers.

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Doctor Costa gives them good treatment and some powerful drugs but it does get a bit daft when they are racing with multiple broken collar bones and scaphoid bones which gets a bit  worrying as to what repairs can be made.

It would have been a better race if Lorenzo and Stoner had been fully fit. It was good to see a Honda win again even though with another two bends Rossi would have had him as it seemed Pedrosa had fallen asleep.

I still won't go unless have free hostility and some good seats as it is not good value for just three races in a day.


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