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I have 4 Bikes insured on the same policy in the UK, (BMW).

They are "airhead" BMWs from 1973 to 1996

I am bringing them to France and will register them here

Are there similar Bike policies in France - if so - who, where, help

In the UK I pay about £150 fully comp for all 4 - obviously I can only ride one at once - and mileage on each is restricted to about 3,000 miles pa.

I expect France to be more expensive as I have a 1985 BMW R80 here at the present time which costs me Euros 160 - Third Party

I am an "old git" and have been riding some time with no accidents - I think that it is expensive - but AXA always are

Also, for next year, is there a list of classic Bike meets in depts 33, 24 and surrounding


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