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OK apart from paperwork?


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I'm in the very early stages of moving to France but would appreciate it if my understanding is correct.

I have a 2007 Piaggio 125 scooter. UK registered. Main dial in KPH (inner - mph) and twin lights - RH=dip, LH=main.

If I want to take this over for permanent use in France, from what I've read, the bike is OK and needs no mods but obviously most of the paperwork will still have to be dealt with.

Have I got this right?

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Your scooter is covered by EU type approval therefore an EU certificate of conformity issued by Piaggio UK will enable you to register it in France without any prior mods.

Of course, your dipped headlamp must comply with the code de la route ie, it must emit a white light for a distance of 30 metres without dazzling other road users.  Failure to comply means a 68€ fixed penalty fine and possible immobilisation of the bike.....[;-)]



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