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Children on Vespas?


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Not sure if this query should be here or on "driving" but here goes:

My daughter and son-in-law are keen Vespa riders.  In Germany, where they live, their two children are allowed on the back in proper child seats.  They understand that in Austria it is illegal to have a young child on the back but does anyone know about the law in France please?

They have proper child seats (the children are 4 and 8), helmets, padded clothing and gloves.

They would like to bring the Vespas in a trailer next summer and then go on trips from our house, including a day trip to Jersey (any thoughts on law in Jersey).

Many thanks

Mrs H

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The only compulsory equipment is the helmet, but of course the padded clothing and gloves are sensible.

Article R431-11 du code de la route says:

   On two-wheeled vehicles, except cycles called tandem, the

passenger seat must be fitted with either a tether strap, or at least a

handle and two footrests.

   On all two-wheeled vehicles, children aged under five must

use a seat designed for that purpose and fitted with a restraint system.

   The driver must ensure that children's feet cannot be drawn between the fixed parts and the moving parts of vehicle.

   Liability for violations of the provisions of this

section is a second-class fine (€150 max per infraction).

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Thanks for the reply Clair. The seat my daughter uses for the smaller child is specially manufactured for Vespas (possibly motor bikes too) Only one company makes them but I don't have the name.\.  It has sides and the child is sort of jammed between the adult in from and the back of the seat.  It does not have restraints - assuming you/the law mean straps.  If there is an accident the child is thrown off, as is the adult, so does not get trapped.  The children wear full padded clothing.

I have suggested my daughter registers and joins in this thread.

Thanks again.

Mrs H

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