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I'm not on Drugs maybe a little sleep deprived.


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Has anyone ever take their bike to the airport?

Do some airports have lockers for helmuts etc.?

Well if not maybe they should think about that one; specially for domestic flights as 1 nighters.

Maybe there's a cargo plane that takes your bike and all. How cool would that be.

Maybe I should speak to O leary. I wouldn't mind waiting in a que if I was on my bike. We could all filter into the plane.

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Join the QUE for the Helmut jokes! [:D][:D][:D]

I'm not at all sure this is a serious question. IF there was a cargo plane, AND it took your bike, surely it would cost an absolute fortune! And anyway you wouldn't need a locker!


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I liked the gentle understatement "I'm not on drugs maybe a little sleep deprived." (without a spelling mistake - slightly dodgy capitalisation so 9/10).

In my dim distant past I got a little drunk and fell asleep across the entrance to the kitchen of my mates Indian restaurant - the waiters spent the rest of the evening stepping over my body.

The following day when I apologised for my drunken behaviour Ablas said "You were not drunk just a little absent minded".

Why not use a helicopter if money is not a limiting factor - perhaps the poster won the Euro millions?

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Some good responses there.

How about just put a flat tapered piece of fiberglass on yer bike and we could call it a .....motowingbike!

That would go down well for all the people wabbit on about wobbing motowbikes.

Any I've no excuses today got plenty of sleep.
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