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Hi to all.

In this modern day you would have thought that it would be possible for a manufacturer as big as Honda to produce a machine capable of both a reasonable MPG without the loss of too many horses, seem the only place a Hornet and others of this ilk should be used is on a race track. They would certainly be no good for endurance racing.

To do any serious riding on these boy racer machines is going to be a drain on the old back pocket; I think that I will stick with my Flying Briquette, (BMW K75s) with its 21 litre tank that has a range of 200 mls.

It may only be a sports tourer but it’s certainly P.D.Q enough for me and I certainly do not hang about.

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My wife has a Hornet older than you want but still a cracking bike. The tank is 16l newer models have 17l. Normal days out we are looking for fuel at 220k if you wring its neck like any bike a lot less KPH. I rode it before giving it to her and I loved it. Very easy to live with and lots of mid range torque. One of the guys in the Hornet club has done over 100,000 miles and has never had the head off. If you want more wind protection then the Fazer is a better bet as they do a half faired version.

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