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Are Dark Visors Legal?


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EU législation E2204.

Les écrans d'origine de la plupart des casques sont en polycarbonate incolore, le règlement E2204, en vigueur dans de nombreux pays, n'autorisant pas les transmissions de lumière inférieure à 50 %.

Des écrans teintés « iridium » (réfléchissants et d'apparence métallique) permettant de se passer de lunettes de soleil peuvent être montés à la place mais sont en principe interdits, et ne doivent en aucun cas être utilisés de nuit: pour se protéger du soleil, il est recommandé de conserver un écran clair, et de porter des lunettes de soleil de bonne qualité optique.

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Dark or Iridium visors are legal in France provided they comply with the uniform provisions concerning the approval of protective helmets and their visors for riders and passengers of motorcycles and mopeds (currently ECE22.05).

They must have a minimum luminous transmittance of 80%, unless they are marked "Daytime use only" or bear the sun symbol, in which case a minimum luminous transmittance of 50% is permitted.


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I must admit that I'm having difficulty following your advice on here; first you say they're illegal, then recommend your (very expensive!! [:-))]) helmet which has an inbuilt one... so is that illegal or not? And how would you change it if you were stopped by the Gendarmes? I haven't met anyone yet who has had this experience of just being able to change their visor because they happened to be carrying a spare, and come to think of it, I haven't met anyone who has been stopped and interrogated about their visor anyway! [blink]



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[quote user="sid"]Bugsy

I must admit that I'm having difficulty following your advice on here; first you say they're illegal, then recommend your (very expensive!! [:-))]) helmet which has an inbuilt one... so is that illegal or not?


Not advice Sid, I just answered a question on the legislation. The flip-down in my Schubert helmet is inside the clear outer visor. It is marked, as per SD's points and is perfectly legal.

THIS shows clearly how it works.

[quote user="sid"]................... first you say they're illegal, then recommend your (very

expensive!! [:-))]) helmet [/quote]

I'm not sure where I actually recommended this helmet Sid, and as to expensive, well, I was always told "if you've got a 50 pence head, buy a 50 pence helmet"

My Black visor on my Shoei is illegal but, if I'm using it, I always carry a clear one with me. (I did say that in my earlier post) As to never being stopped well, I can assure you, it happens. last year on a trip to Belgium, three of us were stopped for a 'document check'. Two of us were wearing black visors and if we hadn't produced clear ones from our kit, we would, almost certainly, have been done. Interestingly, we were not told to change them at the time (the sun was out) but were reminded to change them before dark or if conditions changed. They were bike cops, which probably helped.

The law is quite clear, how much its actually enforced is a different matter.

Hope that makes it clearer for you.[:)]


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Oh come on Bugsy, did you read your post before you sent it? What you say and what you mean are two different things! 

Odd that the gendarmes didn't make you change the visors there and then! Makes me wonder how much this is enforced... it clearly isn't.

As for the expensive helmet, nice if you can afford it, nearly £500 you told me last year... a bit like wearing designer clothes "just because I can". It rather contradicts your signature doesn't it about being ashamed of the car you drive... or the helmet you wear!

I find that when one buys something VERY expensive it requires lots of justification afterwards, preferably to everyone. A reputable helmet for £250 which is properly marked does the job just as well. There are even less expensive ones now which get good reviews in the motorcycle press.

How does one evaluate a £500 head? What a ridiculous statement!

[quote user="Bugsy"]Dark visors are illegal but experience has shown that, if stopped, ...etc.[/quote]

So the law is quite clear but you interpreted it incorrectly. As SD says, it is the amount of tint which determines the illegality, so a statement which says "they are illegal" is clearly (no pun intended) wrong advice (or "opinion", if you're being really pedantic). Nonetheless it gives the wrong signal to the original poster.

I only look at this forum infrequently these days for exactly this reason, and I have a life after all. There are too many people willing to jump on with a reply, even on nice days when we could be out in the sunshine, and regardless of their knowledge, as I found in the computing section a month or so back!!

Fortunately there are posters who give considered replies, even on Saturdays.



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What a load of garbage Sid, and hardly worthy of a response.

Still smarting over being proved wrong in the past, that you have been sitting there waiting for an opportunity to have a go at me, how totally bloody

sad is that.

Interesting that others readers have understood what was being said but

then, they obviously have no 'hidden agenda'.

Perhaps you really do need to get a life.

I'm gone..


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