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Need a bike picked up

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Try googling Shiply.

They are I suppose an agent for removers or an auction site if you like.

You state what you want moved - dimensions and weight - and when.

If you are flexible on dates it is cheaper.

Various removals firms will bid for your business, the bids going downwards.

The bidding for our recent load sent back to UK started off at £895 and went down over the next five days to £325.

Excellent service. I was sceptical at first but friends have used them and were very pleased.
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Hi AnOther

Sorry been away....long story.

Well I think I was really lucky......french reg bike ....guy took it back to UK with him, so it's on it's way back to France.... will the guy bringing it back in his van need the reg documents?????

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Yes, probably need a bike pickING up would be better.  OTOH, I suppose the OP means to say "need a bike (to be) picked up and, in a headline, it's acceptable to omit the "to be".

Anyway, that's only what I am thinking and guessing.......[:D]

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