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Exporting a bike to UK

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I know there are lots of info about bringing a bike to france, but can anyone help with info on doing it 'recto-verso'? (sounds disgusting... )[:$]

We are moving back to UK in the not too distant future, and I am in negotiation to buy a  french reg 2008 Yamaha FJR 1300A.  (if the deal is right)

Are the headlights 'flat-beam' or will they need changing?

I understand that the speedo does not need changing.

Will I need a CoC from Yamaha France?

Is derestricting the power output feasible/expensive?

Any other points I need to consider?

Many thanks for any help.




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Simple answer David, buy one in the UK because they are thousands of pounds cheaper.

Thats is why so many out here buy in the UK and export them to france.

The UK market is pretty flat at the moment and good deals are everywhere.
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