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Bike driving test

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Hi Sunday Driver

Thought you would come up with the answer, many thanks, my better half will have to go through it with me as my french is hopeless, I know should try harder........

What I was hopeing for was a run through on what you have to do by someone who has taken the test, as a born again biker (63) last time I rode a bike, a quick run around the block I was 30 and before that 19, was it really that long ago and never did take my test saying that never did have a licence, those where the days.............

many thanks

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First you need to enrol with an auto école which provides motorcycle training.  They will do all the necessary paperwork and provide you with study materials for the highway code theory test.

Once they are satisfied with your knowledge of the code, they'll put you in for the theory test.

If you pass, you then move on to on-the road training using one of the school bikes and under supervision by one of their instructors. 

Once he is satisfied your riding is up to the required standard, he will put you in for the practical test.

To save me spending ages explaining all the details, if you have Google toolbar installed on your computer, you can use it to obtain a fairly accurate translation of that website.

As you will see, you would be at a disadvantage not having a reasonable knowledge of spoken and written French.....



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Sunday Driver your a Diamond

That's all I needed to know, my better half has perfect spoken and written french (well she is half french) so she will be able to assist and I can speak more than I admit to, my problem is I've got the bike bug now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your time and effort.

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