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Fascinating test of target fixation.


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"Motion Induced Blindness is recognised as a flying issue, but one can also miss things whilst driving (pedestrians, motorcycles), so, keep your heads and eyes moving.

The link below is a great illustration of what was taught about scanning outside the cockpit when military pilots went through training. They were told to scan the horizon for a short distance, stop momentarily, and repeat the process. This was the most effective technique to locate other aircraft. It was emphasized repeatedly to not fix one's gaze for more than a couple of seconds on any single object. The instructors, some of whom were combat veterans with years of experience, instructed pilots to continually "keep your eyes moving and head on a swivel" because this was the best way to survive, not only in combat, but from peacetime hazards (like a midair collision) as well.

The most dangerous target is the one that has NO apparent motion. This is the one you will hit without evasive action and also the one you will NOT see as presented below.

This advice had to be taken on faith until technology produced this demo."



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