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Please do not post images that infringe copyright...even if you create an image link and the image shows within the forum (hot linking).


Everything published on the internet should be taken to be copyright unless it clearly states otherwise. There is no requirement for anyone to place any notice of copyright to protect rights. The law assumes that copyright exists unless specifically stated to the contrary.  However, claims for damages can be be higher where a specific notice was present.

The UK Copyright Service has clarified that: "It makes no difference how the work is stored or published, the law still applies." Therefore it is clear that it makes no difference where an image is stored - it is where it is published that counts.

In law, "in the public domain" can only apply if you have it in writing from the author / intellectual property owner that this is the case. Public domain rights cannot be assumed if it's an imgae on the web.

Civil law applies for all actions regarding copyright issues. Unlike criminal law the plaintive does not have to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt - the balance of probability can be enough to have damages awarded.

In short, the only photos that can legitimately be posted within forums are:

photos which the poster took him/herself and which the poster owns the royalty free rights
photos which the poster has written permission from the intellectual  property owner to reproduce specifically in this forum
photos from the web which are clearly and specifically labelled "in the public domain"

ANYTHING else could lead to civil legal action being taken.

You can provide an html link to an image on the web but not re-produce the image itself within the forum (including avatars) if you don't have permission to do so.

Please remember that part of the code of conduct asks for members not to transmit any material that you don't have the right to transmit under law (such as copyright or trade secrets) and that you will indemnify us in respect of any breach of that warranty.

Thought it best to make everyone aware of the situation.


Archant won't take the images that appear on this forum (hotlinked) and use them without the members permission.

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