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Film Processing in France


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I'm looking for P&P for a sensible price in France.  Is there a postal service anyone?  I've tried various places and had 1 film P&P'd to date at a cost of over 20 € for 36.  This to me seemed a rip off - and no it wasn't a pro service!

I used to use the Kodak service in Tescos (dans Angleterre) at a cost of under £4 for 36, far more reasonable.  I appreciate times have changed very quickly in the P&P world with digital killing the market - I too have gone digital, but I dont 'alf miss my Nikons (F3 and  F2) with their wonderful lenses....................

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All of our local supermarkets have envelopes for postal processing - I've never used them. I (pre-digital) used the local photographer - in France it is quite common for the guy who does the wedding and confirmation photographs to handle d&p as well.

You can still use your Nikkors with Nikon DSLRs - it's a bit of a faff, though. My D-Nikkors (whatever they are called now) are pretty good lenses, though, and it's the lens that counts.

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