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Re: French Sunsets

Dick Smith

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Hi Dick, is it cheating if I include a sunset in the morning? Well not quite a sunset, but an 80% eclipse of the sun, October 2005.

It was taken through the unexposed part of an X-ray film of my foot [:-))] !


Didn't smell at all though, so I must have washed it that week?

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No Twinks, it was our very own sun  [:D][:P]!!

10.17am  on the 3rd October 2005 Dick. I had to look very carefully to find a bit of the film that was completely un-exposed (if you will excuse the expression?). No problems looking at the sun directly with my camera because it's an electronic view finder, so nice and easy to align on a tripod... Stick the film in front of the lens and press the button.

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