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This picture I took of the South Devon Steam Railways train, standing at Buckfastliegh station brings back many memories of home! Anyone have any more steam pics?

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These photos were taken at Stratford upon Avon about 20 years ago. There were steam hauled trains from London every Sunday.

These locomotives take me back to my childhood in Lincolnshire. I would lie in bed and hear the distinctive "chimes" of the Gresley whistle in the distance.




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Not a picture (I wish) but a few years ago I was going in to work on the train, just before Victoria on the Victoria Bank we were overtaken by the Flying Scotsman, which was running a steam special. She was running backwards to collect the train, and I was amazed by the elegance and grace of the motion as she moved. We ran alongside for about 20 seconds - a great sight.

Most of the other commuters never even noticed...

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