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Not truly French life but the person is French alright!.... also sorry that it is not a very good photo but that was in the days before I owned a digital camera!....


Yours truly [:$] ready as a walking tableau for the local carnival in 1999 in my little welsh town. The theme of the carnival that year, was any historical event of the last millennium. Immediately there was only one idea of costume for me! that was to go as a French paysane on her way to the Revolution!... Ah ça ira! ça ira! Les aristocrates à la lanterne! Ah ça ira! ça ira! Les aristocrates ont les pendra!!

My OH was somewhat not amused [:(] by it at all... until I came home with a bottle of wine for winning the 1st prize in the particular category I had entered!...   [:D]

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I should carry a hat with me on all occasions, to strategically place in these bucolic scenes that attract me. 

I realise that now.

That said, this whole area looks quite diferent now (4 weeks on). The tanker thing is parked up straight, and the vine stakes have gone (into the vineyards I suspect).


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                    Port Maubert, Charente Maritime.  WJT, if ever you go to the Gironde estuary you will love the little ports along it.




                      Mortagne-sur-Gironde.  It looks as if it was about to get dark, but there were thick clouds coming over.


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Brilliant pictures ChristineAnimal.  I love boats and harbours - there is always something very peaceful about them.  Reminds of the time me and OH had a holiday in the Isle of Wight and we just sat one evening by the harbour with a bag of fish and chips watching the boats coming in and out until just after dusk.


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Last weekend, as I walked through the streets of Lyon with Darling Daughter, we came across this Irish pub! Bellows of cries, applauds, shouts etc....  came out as it was Super Saturday in the world of Rugby! and France was well on course to win the Trophy! Allez les Bleus!.....

Anyway, I was reliably informed that the third item on this list was only 4.50€uros each [Www] That should be in your range of pocket money blokes ?!.. [;-)]



...and I hasten to add that I was not advertising [:-))] my wares like Molly Malone! I am well out of anyone's budget .... [:D] [6] 

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