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The date over the front door, the 1 has gone...someone said it was acrually the time[:)]


The front door when we moved in 4 years ago....


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When we moved in this was the kitchen


work in progress


Still not complete after 4 years.....[Www]

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This is my favorite place at this time of year. especially when I have a cold, like now [+o(]!


Never mind a closed log burner the under floor heating takes care of that wonderfully!

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You all have seriously tidy houses. It's starting to worry me a bit really. I can't find an interior picture that hasn't got all sorts of items in places they really shouldn't be.[:)]

This is the outside of my house, and the picture was taken last Spring, hence all the pots and stuff.. As you can see the outside is a bit of a shambles, and yes it needs painting, but I do love my house.


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MT you have GOT to be joking. Me and tidy do not mix! If I had panned either side, read havoc. Frances does try though, but she and I are not the tidiest of people. We do wash sometimes? Well Frances does.

How's the no shampoo doing. I have meant to start a thread on the no shampoo. how's it going ladies???

Lovely looking house. I do like blue shutters...

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