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Adobe Photoshop Elements - idiot needs help!!!


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Hi folks ... can anybody help me with Adobe printing........  I have a load of photos downloaded from my digital camera .... most of them I'll have printed up as standard size, but I want to recrop some ...... when I use the sqauare tool thing (I did say I was an idiot!) .... to crop the picture how I want it all is well and good. 

However, doing this will not give me a picture to size ... I guess what I need to be able to do is to specify what size I want the cropped image to be, and then be given a box to place over the image to crop in order to keep the photo in proportion?

Have I explained that properly?  If so, can I do this Adobe or shall I give up on the cropping.... they are wedding photos, so I'd really like to crop some if poss.


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I'm no expert but this is what I do! If your wanting to keep the same proportions but make the image size smaller click from the tool bar Image , Rezize, Image Size and you can adjust it by amount of pixels or cm, you need to keep all the bottom boxes ticked scale styles, constrain proportions resample image on, if however you want to crop part of the picture you need to go back to your square crop tool and crop it to the proportions you want and then go into image resize etc etc, There is a way of doing it with a crop tool keeping it to standard photo sizes but I just can't remember how to do it[blink]
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Thanks, but that's what I've been doing and it's not giving me what I want.

What I want is to crop pictures to standard photo sizes so I can get them printed .... but I want to choose where I place the crop box within those parameters.... if anybody knows how to do that, please hayelp!


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Probably a bit too late for you but if anyone else has the same problem......

In Elements 5, in the Editor  window:

!) select the Crop tool (the "overlapping angles" symbol)  or just type C which selects it for you

2) on the new set of boxes across the top go to the "Aspect ratio" window, and select  one of the standard sizes if that is what you want, OR

3) in the Width and Height boxes type the numbers you want.

You now have a box with the right proportions to crop to, and the image will always be resized to fit the dimensions.

4) use the "back and forth" arrows between the dimensions boxes to switch between landscape and portait mode.

Incidentally the quickest place to find answers to any Elements issue is at


(if that doesn't work just start at Adobe.com and work your way into their user forums system. I have found that people are very responsive there.



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