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Camera repairs.


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Depends I would think on age/value/make of camera and cause of problem.

Some of them have come down in price so much that you might pay little more for the cost of an upgraded camera than the cost of the repair. I take it it's out of warranty.

Fuji have their own repair service and will quote a price if you send them the camera. Other manufacturers may have similar service.

Cost-effective repairs of small items are becoming more and more difficult to obtain, bearing in mind most stuff is built very cheaply in China but the local repairer will not work for same rate of pay.

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Both my o/h and I have had probs with our digital SLRs and they were repaired very cheaply by our local PHOX - a franchise chain of camera shops.  Ours in Le Mans is excellent with very helpful staff who'll get a devis done if you ask, before spending loads more than the camera is worth.
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