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Last year, someone on this Forum suggested a website that was made up of amateur photographs of UK locations, which are posted onto the site using OS grid references.  I have searched and searched for the thread on this Forum in order to get the web address.  Does anyone know the website (or the thread)?


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[quote user="Russethouse"]

 Off topic a tad, but does the name 'Bluecat' come from the movie 'Dougal and the Bluecat' ?

Famous for the catch phrase 'I'd be better off in Barnsley' [:)][:)]

(The only time I ever managed to fall asleep in a cinema !)



Sorry for delay in responding but yes, it is from Dougal and the Bluecat "I'm from Buxton you know" being one of his phrases.  Used to have a vinyl of the story but must have given it away when the children grew up.  Found it on video a few years ago and bought for our daughter one Christmas.  Her words were "if you think I'm watching that you've got another think coming!"  Apparently it used to terrify and her brother as well as my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who, as children were living with us at the time.  Apparently, my continuous playing of said LP traumatised them all!!

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