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The eye-slits look scary and she has the (apparent) build of a night club bouncer !!!!!!!

Hot cross buns ??? Is that an Easter thing???  Sorry, we dont do 'Easter' here (or Christmas for that matter). Our parent Company (SIDEM) had Easter sunday afternoon off but have to make up the time by working extra hours per day over the next week or so. We worked normally (the usual 11 hour day). [:(]

Its tough in the Gulf, but the rewards are great.......helping a third world country into the 16th century !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good grief! Only an 11 hour day! When I was in the Royal Air Farce we used to work for 23 hours 59 minutes a day and even if we did the extra minute we didn't get overtime! Think yerself lucky! I think our parent was called SODEM?

But I will bow to yer greater experience of trying to see just what is behind the drawn curtains and say that I would be scared to bloody death by anyone who wore that c r a p!

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Who knows what is under there Dog? The security services around the world don't seem to or even dare to look when they go through the various checks at airoports?

The perect underground trans sexual kit me thinks. We could call it the new little black dress?

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