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My first photo post!


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It's a beauty, but it would probably have been happier under some stones in your garden near a veg patch. They love slugs and are one of the gardeners best friends. We had one inside our garage a few weeks back and he was relocated to the veg patch.

When I picked him/her up my OH was worried that it might bite, but they are much too gentle for that...

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Dog sais it!! Isa toad, a common toad I believe. Lovely creatures too!

Have a look at this thread http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/819635/ShowPost.aspx . It gives the method of how to post pikkies. The only other thing you have to do is to hover the cursor over the photo you want to copy to your post and that will show a drop down with the address that you want to copy at the bottom of the drop down. If I can do then it has got to be a doddle [:-))]

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 I thought it might be a toad -we have a lovely family of toads in our garden in the UK but Big Daddy is only ( legs tucked in ) 5 cms sq  whereas our one in France ( who looks like photo) is massive 8 cms sq . Also our UK ones are almost black  - the colour of bitter chocolate - they have been in our garden for 20 years at least.  I have been looking in the ref books I have in France ( UK ones )  but cant identify it . I wondered if they have cane toads in France ?.

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No cane toads here as far as I know.

I must admit that we adore the wild orchids we get here and we get so many in our garden too! The next ones to appear will be the Ladies Autumn Tresses. Sad that it's going to be autumn but the flowers are beautiful.



That isn't ice on the enlargment. It's just the way the flowers are. They are all of 1/8th of an inch diameter, that's about 3mm for all you lot wot weren't brung up propper like I was! Maybe 3/16ths?

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Might it possibly turn into a




Frenchman? You know, frog = French! [:-))]


And before anyone jumps at me for saying that, it was the French that first used the expression! The Parisians living in the old cite used to call the poor folks that lived in the swamps surrounding the cite frogs.  English troops heard the expression and so there you have it, the loving English term for thr French!!!

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