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st got the camera out again today

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Hasn't seen light of day for a few months, so thought I'd take some shots. The following I processed using the High Dynamic Range technique.




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Ahh! That's where our blue sky has gone - you nicked it. [;-)] We woke to very thick mist this morning and have had very damp drizzle ever since. If you've got our blue sky then can we borrow your lovely warm fire, just until you give us back our proper weather, that is.

Sue [:)]

PS Super photos BTW!

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[quote user="Richard"]

Sue, can I have my fire back now? The blue skies have gone.


No chance, it poured with rain this sfternoon; besides which your fire is so super - warms the cockles of my heart, and more ...

You can have our feeble electric convectors if you like.

Sue [:)]

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