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Alan Zoff

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I have received a nice little present from Santa - a Maplins Mobile Internet Device (MID) with Windows CE 5.0 and WiFi. That's about as far as my technical knowledge goes, copied from what it says on the device. I gather it's a miniature notebook without the frills of a proper computer. But it's a quite interesting "toy" for someone who isn't that bothered about most of what a computer can do. See:  http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=286831&source=1

I would like to display on the MID photos from my Fuji Finepix S6500 while on the move (i.e. without access to a full PC). The camera uses XD cards only and also has a mini USB connection of course. The MID is SD only and has a similar USB connection.

If I link together the 2 USB leads that came with the device - giving me a mini connector at each end - I can connect the camera to the MID. However, when I select USB on the MID to display the images on the camera card, it doesn't recognise the camera and asks for driver details. I don't know how to find or intall those details.

Strangely, when I connect my wife's Fuji S7000 camera in the same way, it works fine without having to make any adjustments.

Am I missing something obvious here? I'm afraid I invariably struggle with anything of this nature.

As an alternative to using the USB connection (if that problem cannot easily be overcome), is there a portable device that will transfer data on an XD card to an SD card?

Advice will as ever be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Derek.

I guessed there would be some device. Just Googled "multicard reader" and found something straightaway that would seem to fit the bill. And cheap!




Ps Edit: Ignore that. That one doesn't seem to handle xd. I will search again!

Pps. The next one on their list seems to cover it and even better value so have placed an order.

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