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Some oldish snaps of Paris

Mr Coeur de Lion

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Well, I bought a slide scanner and started scanning all my dads old slides across.

A few surprises (namely some pictures of my half brother who I have never met and some saucy snaps of my mum on her honeymoon, which were never meant for my eyes), but I came across these three snaps of Paris, I think in the early 60's and thought I would share.




 PS No, I won't be posting the snaps of my mum.
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Great stuff.  The o/h and I will do a bit of car spotting later and try to work out the year but I reckon very late 50's at a guess.

Can I join in?  Paris 1966:




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After some very quick research (I'll keep at it!)  the Dauphine and that version of  the Fiat 500 both appeared in '57 so it's no earlier than that imo.  Now to find out when the Arc was washed.....

EDIT : 1965 (Wash day!)

Further clue : Kodachrome II came out in '61 so if you can see the edge of the film that might help.

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Wow, some gerat photos. I didn't know you could once drive or park under the Eiffel Tower. These days armed guards walk around underneath it. I think I once saw an old photograph from the late 19th century when there was a park and some goats grazing beneath it - perhaps it was part of the world fair exposition they held.

I was surprised to see how relatively quickly the Arc de Triumph collected the pollution and grime. I can still recall Notre-Dame before and after cleaning and that made a huge difference.

Paris is pretty timeless though, and it's mainly the cars and fashion that give away the era of photographs. Some great shots, thanks for sharing.

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These photographs date back to my first visit to Paris in 1964


Champs Elysees


Funicular at Montmartre - is it still there?


Metro Line 1 at Bastille


Old friend at Notre Dame

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[quote user="Clarkkent"]

Funicular at Montmartre - is it still there?

[/quote]Sure is.

I reckon this makes it more and more likely that Richard's pics are the very end of the 50's or very early 60s.  Both the Aronde and the Pug were around then.  In your pics, Clark, there are plenty of more modern models in evidence which just aren't in Richard's - being Paris I reckon you'd see more Minis etc if they were taken any later.  But we may never know!

Talking of cars, my friends' DS estate is parked just under the Arc to the left of where I am standing - lovely thing she was and positively the poshest car I'd ever been in up until then.  I thought it was fab' after my Dad's Anglia!

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There we are - summer '65.


.............. and good old ND, around 1960 (I think).  Can't really remember, I was too, too young.

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Some more snaps from 1964:

Champs Elysees from the top of the Arc de Triomphe


Two photos of Montmartre scenes



A barge on the Canal St Martin (the boat's name was Croix)


There are far fewer cars in these photos than I expected. Were there fewer around then - even in Paris?

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Funny that I should find this thread now? We have been given some homework to do and what we have to do is to write something about these 2 photos. A bit before any of the ones shown so far!!


I think that the first is taken when the grand exibish was on. The second is any-ones guess, but it would be one hell of a hairy way of getting around these daze!![:-))]

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