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I was watching the tv this afternoon and a wonderful programme on the gardens of Marqueyssac came on.  I am attaching a link to the site.  I couldn't imagine a garden completely given over to buis, given the disease that have ravaged this plant.  Everything looks incredible and the sight of the paths made me wish it was nearer to where I live but I will go at the first opportunity.


PS Don't forget to watch the video[:)] 

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betise, after posting the site, I went on to viamichelin to look at the route and the distance.  Not far for us at all at just over 100 km.

But I was very amused to read a red notice on viamichelin which said don't forget you can only go

20 km![:D]

No button for comments or I would have said I wasn't thinking of going straightaway, only when the confinement is over and the weather is warmer.  But I did love the detail, someone is taking notice!!

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