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'Shaping' beams

Chris Head

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Just a little extra work before installing green Oak beams really changes the aesthetics of a beamed room. This is


All chainsaw shaped, sanded with 40 grit flap disc and oiled. their appearance beats ordinary sawn timbers hands down....imho.

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Hi Chris, what dimensions are the beams and what do they span? A lot of the beams we get from our local mill come with the bark shape still on them so take away the need to do such chamfering, mainly due to the owner of the mill who looks out certain beams/joists for us with with this chamfered edge on them. We have a very good relationship with him and he looks forward to us dropping in for a chat on the way past, the odd bottle of Scottish whisky sure eases the path.

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Hugh, I think they're 125 x 200, they're 450 centres spanning about 6 metres. The upstairs will all timber framed also, 2 beds and a bathroom but I'll also tie the framing into the walls to reduce 'bounce' and stress. Be careful of being fobbed off with too much sapwood in a structural member Hugh, not only is sapwood really weak but could also harbour woodboring insects.

Cheers, Chris

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