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cost of open tread stairs


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I've been looking at getting wooden stairs for the attic and although I would much prefer open treads as the room is rather dark, the cost does not make sense..

I cannot understand why open tread staircases (like these for instance) are more expensive that the 'closed' ones (sorry, I don't know the English technical term for contremarche!)

Can somebody explain?

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We need stairs with a ¼ turn at the bottom and preferably exotic wood...

I've been looking at the Lapeyre catalogue (they're the nearest 'good quality' retailer in our area, Leroy and Brico Dépot are too far from us to consider a delivery or collection by us).

The look I like is the

Oslo 300 Hêtre (beech) at €1200, but when I look at their cheaper ones (Primo in Tuauri exotic wood) at €600, both basic prices (no hand rail included), I wonder why there is such a big difference in price...

As much as I'd like a custom-made oak staircase, it's not possible...

The other option would be for Mr Clair to make one, and he'd relish the challenge, but I have to consider the learning curve, material costs, speed of construction... so it has to be ready-made...
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Oak staircases are indeed in the "oh my gawd" category, but wow! the result. (About 10 x the cost of those in the link above!  However, that included banisters on the landing, work on the "hole" including a new oak beam - beautifully chamfered to match existing beams, and fitting.)  If I'd waited for Mr C to make one we'd still be climbing up a ladder in 2017!
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Thanks Benjamin, there are so many things to consider! No problem with width of doorway...

That is one of the reasons for going to Lapeyre: their delivery cost would add around €85, but at least, they would be responsible for the staircase until it gets here... and it would be finished, and it's hardwood...

but it's not open-tread![:(]

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