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Aperitif Cabinet

Chris Head

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Sarah's Christmas pressie. This corner had always been dark and dinghy and Sarah had always wanted an apero/display cabinet. Those stick up LED lights are great, the light is just what we wanted and it saved wiring in mains lights.




The frame is all green Oak, 75 x 100, the lintel 150 X 150, the door, panelling and shelving are all KD 10%-12% Oak. The frame is very strong and compensates more than adequately for the removal of the stones. I'm hoping that the framework really splits open over time.

Apart from the hinges and glass beading there are no screws, nails or glue used, there are around 130 joints and 120 hours including the masonry work, we had to take the wall completely out to get the desired fit.

There were no plans or drawings used, it was a 'freehand' piece and a good challenge.

The thick French farmhouse walls offer a third dimension in renovation works,for example inset lighting, storage or shelving. I have a lighting project I'd like to do, taking advantage of the thick walls and combining carved Oak and bright LED lighting but that's gonna have to wait, work beckons and social charges wait for no one[:(]

Edit, sh1te spelling as usual.

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Thanks Kathie, that's appreciated, the hardest thing was not to go over the top, to try and interpret what Sarah would want, I can go wild with stuff like that.There are two candle holders in the corner now, the combination of the Oak, the stone and the light is just magical. It was great to be able to work on my own home for a change!

I had to hide the booze knowing that you might be looking in Moggy[:D].

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Thanks Twinks, lovely words as always! Boy that was a late one eh?

It's easy to resolve to do something but much harder to put it into practice. I know what I want from the year, typing thousands of words on the forum that will be forgotten a few days later is a much less attractive option than putting that time into something that will remain long after the words and scraps have faded into obscurity. Still around & up for a crack tho[:D]

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