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Oak flooring?


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Hi tj,

I'm quite serious, try looking on ebay UK. Yesterday I saw two different people selling oak boards, one was at £31.00 per sqm and the other at £27.50p per sqm. Both were for French oak, for sale in the UK. It might be worth enquiring of them how much to buy it here. I found them without any trouble. I won't name them here in case I get accused of advertising, although I have nothing to do with them. My interest was that we bought some in the UK a few years ago and I wanted to compare prices. If you can't find them, send me a pm.



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Chris, amongst other will probaby slaughter me for this [blink], but has anyone considered bamboo flooring fo conversion/renovation?

OK, in the right property nothing can beat original spec floors, be it oak, cedar, redwood whatever.

However, when I do convert the loft, I want to install good real wood flooring.

Looked at the bamboo and it comes with a 25 year guarantee and I can import a pallet direct from the USA at a very good price. 15 m.m. thick and this on top of (sorry Chris!) some 15 m.m. chipboard would make a very strong and robust and nice looking floor. The bamboo comes ready lacquered, too.

I want to install a suspended floor and also fit insulated plaque de plâtre on the top of the downstairs beams, to promote sound insulation, provide a cavity for wiring , provide a nice decorative finish for downstairs (rather than the rather nasty micro-thin pine T&G, and heat insulation too, as the upstairs will not be used very much. Can't stand the type of conversion where the floor is laid direct on the downstairs beams and when anyone walks about upstairs you hear every footfall, and creak and groan from the floorboards!

Anyone ever used it? Any feedback?


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