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I am currently, very much as a beginner, trying to kit myself out with some woodworking equipment.  At present I am looking at router tables.  I have seen Kreg equipment on the internet (Axminster) in particular the Kreg PRS2000 bench top . I have also looked at the Kreg PRS1040 which is the larger model.

Bearing in mind as a beginner I would have some difficulty justify the cost of the PRS1040 which is more than twice the cost of the PR2000, I would appreciate any views on these items and also any alternative suggestions (for router tables that is[:D]).  Also any advice on router jigs would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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hi ok

          After years of using a home made table made out of an old work top , I bought a brand new trend one .....what a disappointment. my home made one was better and bigger... and unless you are going to leave the router in the table easier to remove it ..

  try here if you are still going to buy one http://www.woodfordwm.co.uk/  they are the same as the Record cast iron ones only half the price


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