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Celtic knot


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I have been looking in at another forum I am a member of to do with woodwork and there is a forum on turning. One of the guys there mentioned Celtic knots on turned pieces and when I say what it was I decided to give it a try. But, me being me I decided to try the hard way and instead of starting off with a nice square bit of wood I had a large bit of box wood and some mahogany. Anyway the outcome was not really symetrical as it should have been, but I like the result. It is 4 inches high and 3 across and just like Blackpool rock the pattern goes all the way through [8-|]


That was the bit I started with and the result is below


Quite fascinating to see the item develope and as they say "I will be back"!

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Here's how to do it properly and a workshop to die for even though it's a bit too clean for me!


Childs play! Needless to say I didn't start with a square bit and I didn't stop the cut. Each cut was done by eye on a very uneven shaped piece of French box. Well, that's my excuse anyway, but the result is quite pleasing m-thinks!

Edit. I forgot to say that the insert is mahogany.

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