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Pen, mightier than the sword?


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So, I thought that if the pen is mightier than the sword we need more pens, OK so far?

So I decided to make some and if anyone would like a nice, not very expensive krimble pressy then all you have to do is ask?

This one is a walnut twist pen with 24 carrat gold plated fittings coated in epoxy for extra protection for them..

I make them in various woods including russian olive, box (very light colour) holly and a lot of others..



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Thank you all! Yes TP, they are a friction fit and a quite tight one too [:-))]

We haven't seen any craft fairs as such around here VIVienne. We used to do several in the Stroud area, some good, some not so, but nowt here so far.

Request noted Chris!!

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