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Wood chipper


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Hi all,

Does any one have any experience with wood chippers? I am looking to rent one for about a week. It needs to reasonably industrial as I want to use it for producing wood chips for our heating system.

I have been looking at loca.ser on line but cant seem to see any.

Wood chipper = burineur en bois is that the correct translation ?
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I am cutting a huge amount of dead trees down at the moment along with many that fell last year. I have been trying to make the log sizes 1m in length I will then split them in to 1/4 with a log splitter. Some I will keep for the open fires but most I want to chip.

I am estimating I will need about 60 tons per winter, but as I have not run the system on wood chips yet that's a gestamate !


This one is a bit on the large size !


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This is probably about the biggest you will find without approaching a big firm of arboristes and asking them to come with their lorry based one.


Does your commune cut back the trees at the edge of the roads? They or the sub contractor they use may well have one.

I have always known them as broyeurs but maybe the name you have is correct for the sizes of trees you are talking about, you will definitely need to split them down for the one on the link.

How about a genetically modified chipmunk or one from Chernobyl? [:D]

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