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Varnish or wax?


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Just fitted some wooden doors to a couple of the rooms - unfortunately, they are oak veneer on a chipwood base. My OH likes the colour of them and matt finish. Obviously, we need to protect them.

What would you recommend, matt clear varnish or matt clear wax.

Have been looking at the Ronseal products (they are on our UK house). They are claimimng a drying time of 20 minutes and a recoat time of 1 hour presumably, a door side will only take a few minutes to coat so should not be a problem.
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Sorry to sound a bit negative here Paul, but with what you have I would put a couple f coats of varnish on them. It's pointless, in my opinion, to spend time and effort, that you will have to repeat, by going through the process  of putting and oil or wax on veneered  chip. Plus, if you are using a liquid wax then the oils in it could (?) effect the adhesive glueing the veneer on?

I may well be totally wrong and talking out of my 'sitapon' but it would be a sod if it did..

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Many thanks for your replies.

Would have been nice to have bought solid oak doors but to me these were dear enough.

Looked at the info sheet that came with the doors and no mention of wax so decided it had to be varnish.

My fear was that in applying the thick varnish I would end up with brush marks in it.

Bought Ronseal Matt Clear varnish and surprise, surprise it has the constituency of very watered down PVA so very happy.

Touch dry in 20 minutes and recoat in 1 hour, so i am typing this before applying the final coat.

That will see all the interior doors here in the UK replaced......just need to do the same thing in France on our next visit - oh joy!
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