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Leroy Merlin - good customer service

Mr Tig

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I recently bought a Scheppach planer/thicknesser from Leroy Merlin. Within a month, one of the bearings failed. I exchanged some emails with Scheppach who advised me to return it to Leroy Merlin for repair.

I took it back to the store I purchased it from and rather than sending it it repair, they issued an immediate refund.

They made the whole process very simple and painless. and I'll certainly buy from them again.
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Yep, I'll second that, I like the store (Soyaux - Angouleme).

I've had excellent service from Castorama (Niort) too this last couple of months, ordered a kitchen and was advised to wait 10 days for a 25% discount, and after-sales service has been good too.

At last, a couple of stores where they don't just shrug their shoulders.


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I've found that their collection service whatever its called works very well, it saves humping heavy stuff off the shelves and pushing a heavy trolley amongst the idiots that wander around in a dreamlike state.


I collected 1/4 of a tonne of laminate flooring and tablettes this week, placed the order on line, collected in 2 hours, all ready and waiting for me and the guy helped me load, unecessary for me but would be really appreciated by many others.


I tried the same with Brico-Man "Drive" and all the heavy or voluminous articles are not available for that, you have to go in and hump them yourselves, presumably their staff are too precious but it does beg the question why spend a fortune altering the store and not make use of it, it would make the shop floor flow better as well without overloaded customers trolleys.

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+1 on LM, their service is good and the quality of their products too. The card they do (although it costs 25 Euros) is worth thinking about. 5% off a nominated day and then you get info when they have a special for card owners. Replaced all our wooden DG windows with their Artens PVC range, bought the lot on the same day and saved 10% on their already interesting prices.
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