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Mr Tig

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Hello all.

I'm new here so please be gentle!

As a fairly new arrival in France, I'm delighted to find this woodworking forum. I'm less pleased that the standard of work displayed is so high but at least it gives me something to aim for!

I'm based near Montmorillon in 86, about half way between Poitiers and Limoges.

My question is where can I buy wood? Oak is no problem - and I have enough of the stuff to see me out - but I wondered if anyone had recommendations for suppliers of other woods (fruit woods, beech, maple etc) as either boards or turning blanks.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Mr Tig
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Firstly let me say both welcome to the forum and France!!

There are wood yards around and you may well be able to find one near to you here



This could be a start and if you ask there they may well be able to point you in the right direction. A saw mill is a 'scieries' and they may well help too?

An 'eberniste', cabinet maker, might have off cuts? Or, I get all sorts of bits given to me by our neighbours and I have to collect some almond sometime soon from a local friend and wine producer. well, you have to get the right freinds init [:-))]

As I learned very quickly when I started learning to fly radio controlled gliders, anyone who tells you they are a born flyer is a born lier and it's the same with everything. I have spent 20 years + and the day I stop learning is the day they nail the lid on me box [:'(]

Practice, practice, practice. It doesn't make you perfect, but it sure helps.

I hope that this helps too? [:D]

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Hi John,

Thanks for the rapid reply and the tips!

I've been to all the local sawmills I've been able to find and I've found that asking for anything other than chêne or pin has them looking at me as if I'm mad.

I bought some bark cut oak for use as firewood (€25/stere) but a lot of it was so good it's now in the workshop awaiting inspiration!

Good tip about the ebeniste - I'll go on a local search.

And I know what you mean about the flying - very easy to do badly, great skill required to do it well. Much like woodturning!

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I found decent wood by driving round the local industrial estates and finding the woodworking places who have different and specialist woods - even got a bit of ebony (I think it is) used for making chess pieces.

Or, check in your local Yellow Pages under Ebinisterie - even if they can't or won't sell to you, they can certainly point you towards those who supply their woods.

Not cheap though.
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  • 2 years later...
Hello...  I can see that this thread is from some time back so hopefully I am not hijacking too much!

Very new to France - I have purchased a house in the north (62130 area)...  and 100% a DIY novice (what was I thinking) ....  The big jobs are being done by professionals however the 'prettying up' stuff will be tackled by yours truly...

I have a few questions so feel free to pick any one you can answer!

1.  Where I can purchase standard 2x4's in order to build the stud walls and frame the walls ready for plastering?

2.  I need to level a bathroom floor.  It will require adding joists to the exisiting ones, cut diagonally along their length.  Where would you go to get this done?

...  here is the absolute hijack...  but while I am here - a couple more questions...

3.  I have heard that there are 'finance' pacages available to those of us who are renovating houses (this will be our main home although I commute to work in London a couple of days a week).  Have any of you done this.  Are there restrictions I need to be aware of?

4.  The house is currently uninhabitable.  I have heard that I may not need to pay the habitation tax for a period of time before it is renovated.  Do you have any experience about this?

Thank a million for any help...


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