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Please help with hardwood outdoor table top


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I have an old outdoor table which is made of some African hard wood which would probably be illegal these days. My late husband used to treat it with some sort of oil which I can't remember the name of. Last summer I varnished it and now it's looking a rather miserable grey.

I know that the oil wasn't teak oil but have no idea what it was.

I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions to preserve it.
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It could have been linseed oil if it is a hardwood table. Any DIY shop would have it, cheap as chips.

Make sure it is dry, then sand lightly, wipe clean and then oil again if it has not been done for a long time.

Alternatively, you could first turn a karcher spray on it, then leave to dry and oil.

Suggest putting indoors in winter.

What is the stand like, it might benefit from similar treatment?
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UV from sunlight will damage the wood so one of the widely available oils, luberon etc may well have a UV block in the mix.

Varnish will as already said stop the absorption of oil, and any varnish product would also need a UV block to allow the timber to last longer.
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Hoddy, silvery-grey is the colour the wood goes when nothing has been done to it, or when the oil treatment has worn off, and is highly prized by many.

Indeed, varnish needs to be removed - maybe you could sand it off with a machine for speed - the whole thing karcher-ed down, and then the 50-50 linseed oil and turps substitute applied once it;'s all thoroughly dry.

It'll need re-doing every spring, but always looks wonderful when done. (NB, don't use it for a few days after oiling, or it might drip on any diners sitting at it.)

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