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Having a stall at a Vide Grenier, brocante.

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I posted this on another site so thought it might help here as well..

To have a stall at a Vider-grenier all you have to do is ring up the telephone number and book, some you can just turn up but it is advisable to book.

They start around 6am and go on all day till around 6-7 pm in the evening but you can leave when you want but if you do be prepared to get a few shrugs from the French because they feel you should stay till the end (normally these are the people who come out for the afternoon to walk off their dinner and vino and spend nothing)

They charge by the metre from 1€ - 3€ per metre or a fixed sum, some are free and at a few you get a free drink ranging from a coffee, wine, kia or a beer.. (Been to one where it cost nothing and got a free beer wouldn't see that happen in the UK).

Check in the Newspaper, tourist Office, Marie, sortir, Magazines Aladdin, chineur or Antiquites Brocantes..

What you need to take is some form of ID (passpot, driving licenese) they come around and take your details, name, address, ID number, vehicle reg, some ask to detail what you are selling. These are mainly took so if any stolen items were sold or dodgy goods they can trace the people who may have sold them also for them to send you an advert next year to let them know when their fair is on again. I have been told these are not sent to any legal authority...(Hmmmmm) I will leave that bit up to you. ..

Take your lunch, plenty of water, umbrella it gets flippin hot in the summer. Yes at lunchtime it nearly all stops and you see plenty of vino being drunk..and you can tell the Brits they are the ones with the egg mayonaise sandwiches and you can tell the French they are having a banquet.

Been told you are only allowed to do 2 a year, yeh right I know lots of French and lots of Brits who are not dealers and seem to be at the vider-greniers selling more than me and I am a dealer...Just remember the old thing I am selling my own bits can only last for a few markets before you are classed as a professional. I have had my docs checked by the gendarmes a few times but that is because I am at a few and a friend has been told to leave by the gendarmes because he had been seen selling at a few brocantes without being registered as a business.. 

Vide greniers, Brocantes are fun to do in France more relaxing, you get to know the traders and the buyers.. Even if your French is bad do not be nervous most are very understandable. Make sure everything is priced and be prepared for some haggling so get to know your numbers.

I do about 100 a year in and around the Poitou Charente area so if you see loads of boxes of bits on the floor with some dodgy geezer in front of a red van then come on over and chat..and if you need anymore questions answered I will try and answer them..

I hope this helps anyone..

Paul (16)

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