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Freebie restored to glory

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We found 4 old 19C beds in the house we bought recently. They were all in this condition [I]





After a lot of  elbow grease & Mr Postie's metal skills, we have -



He just has to turm some wooden feet (castors will damage our walnut floors) &  we will have a new addition to our home. We are very chuffed with the end product.  [:D]

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Well done!

Makes a nice change from the throw away society of today.  The stuff I see dumped by our rubbish bins makes my heart bleed - especially when it would make good firewood (though how I'd get it to France from London I'm not sure!!!)

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We found a really old day bed in the grenier of this house when we bought her, a rusty contraption all folded up then  stuffed under the eaves where it had lain for many long years.   It was quite prettyeven  in its tragic state so I renovated it, painting it black with gold highlights on the finials etc, we bought a foam mattress for it, I made a cover et voila!   It looks absolutely stunning but the nicest thing is that my granddaughter took one look and claimed it as "hers" for when she comes to stay with us, yet when the previous owner came to visit the house to see the changes going on she stopped in her tracks when she saw the old day-bed.   It had apparently been her great-granny's bed.

Back in UK in an antiques arcade I saw a childs sized version of our day bed which was REALLY tatty with a motheaten disgusting old horsehair mattress, chipped paintwork and broken rails.   The price?   A mere 350 pounds!!!!


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It is so satisfying to restore something - as you say Judith, so much gets thrown away it's criminal really! Among the beds are 2 folding daybeds, a double & the single in the pic. I will restore them all as they have a history that goes with the house. Cheap replacements - I won't be paying £350, that's for sure, not even to restore all 4 of them. At a dechett nearby people are allowed to take stuff away. I think it's a great idea, we have found a few gems there as well. Pity all dechetts don't allow it.

Mrs Postie

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