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Montsegur Woodblock print

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Hi, I am trying to find out more information on an old woodblock print I have of what looks to me like Montsegur, it is an amazing picture. I cannot read the signature, the first name looks like it could be Fiy or Fig or even Fif and I cannot make out the second name at all. It could start with a W or L and it endes in a R.

I am trying to age it, I'm not sure where to start, the castle seems to have a roof or tiles on the wall tops perhaps not a roof, wheras in photos of montsegur it is in ruins (there is no roof) does anybody know where I could find out if it ever had a roof or tiles and at what point it lost it/them? (perhaps it was artistic liscence) the signature is in pencil so i know its not really ancient but it looks about a hundred years old judging by the paper around it (it is impressed onto an A1 size sheet of heavy old fashioned paper that is very aged.

I bought it on ebay from a man who said it had belonged his grandparents who had bought it from a antique shop in france, he didnt know much else about it. I bought it because it really caught my eye, I had been trying to work out where the massive rock with the castle perched on top was and then I saw a picture of Montsegur by chance and it clicked.

Any help would be much appriciated



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