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Craft/Fabric Fayres in the Auvergne.


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I have only just been informed that tomorrow there is a fayre near Lurcy Levis (03) where the exhibitors are able to sell fabrics, habedashery, etc, but unfortunately have been unable to find information on the internet, or through anyone I know - I do not even know what it is called or even exactly where it is.  If anyone does know, could they please respond.

As I have a large quantity of fabrics I wish to sell (remnants of silks, laces, etc, left over from a bridal/eveningwear business), a fabric/craft fayre may provide a suitable way in which to sell these fabrics, as, ideally, they really need to be seen rather than just despatched via internet sites.  Does anyone know of any suitable markets/fayres in the Auvergne which may be suitable?   Any useful (and legal) suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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