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Where can I get a rotary washing line spike/ anchor?


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The spike ( the hollow metal bit , which sinks into the ground)  that my rotary washing line fits into has broken.

Does anyone know where I can get another one from please?

I know in the UK you can buy them separately, but I have only seen them sold with washing lines in Bricorama. As the washing line is fine, I am loathed to buy the whole lot again.

Apparently, they are called 'ancre de terre' in France, but the only ones I have seen are for garden parasols and won't be strong enough.



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Also, check the diameter of the spike as they vary - as, obviously, do the diameters of the washing pole. We bought a rotary washing pole from Lidl and it definitely did not fit in the concreted-in spike I had used for the previous pole which had been a Brabantia. The Lidl pole had a bigger diameter. My OH had to create a new installation set-up - he was not too impressed with me at the time for failing to notice the difference in the diameters.


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