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has anyone seen a cheap pasta machine anywhere? Not a mixer, one to roll out the pasta.

I believe Argos do them for about £25 but can't find anything similar here :(

Although fun to do with the kids the 1st few times, it's hard work and not something we want to do in 30 degrees plus!
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    I keep seeing them fairly cheap. I paid about £40 for mine back in the uk. I'm sure it was Foir  Fouille that has them the other day for 10 euro. (don't quote me on that though! It could have just been a promotion or somewhere else entirely!)   http://www.lafoirfouille.fr/les_magasins_la_foirfouille.htm 

I have also seen them cheap elsewhere, possibly in the supermarkets. Can't remember now though!

Keep looking around, they do exist! Also if you do find one i think you need flour type '45' which is the same as uk type '00'.


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