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Hair Dryer air diffuser


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I have a very good hair dryer, but want an air diffuser attachment.  I don't NEED a whole new hair dryer, just the diffuser.  I can't find anyplace that sells just that part; they all want to seel a whole unit.

Has anyone come across a beauty supply site that sells just the bits and pieces?


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Got your email and sent you one back.  You might not believe this, but I even found two more (shaped ever so slightly differently) and will include them with the third one.  At least one of them ought to work right.  One has long combe points, the other two have the stubby type combe points.  I have no idea how to describe them.  Don't know why I kept the other two.  No one in this house uses them.

I will get the 3 of them off to you tomorrow.

Tis a small thank you for your help with my letter a few months back.


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