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wine and cigarette purchase


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I think cigarettes are the same price everywhere - I think prices are state controlled.  Just buy cartons of whatever you want at a tabac. 

I believe Belgium is (was?) cheaper for fags.  And Andorra. 

There's a big Auchan at Dieppe for booze.  There's a Tabac on site as well.  And cheap petrol/diesel.

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Be careful if you buy cigarettes in Belgium.  It is now illegal in France to carry more than 200 fags on your person at once.  The main reason for this ruling seems to have been (although it's disguised as being to protect your health) to stop people bringing large quantities of cheap ciggies from other countries.  There are often a lot of Douaniers sitting around at motorway service areas and payages near borders to check up on you!
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That's interesting about the 200 cigs rule.  As someone who has never smoked I did not know this.  It's quite clever as EU rules allow free passage of goods and sevices so they can't stop you importing as much as you like (for personal use - Ha!) but then catch you for too many on your person.  Andorra is still cheapest in Europe for booze and fags (if you don't count Latvia and Ukraine) followed by Luxembourg then Belgium.  Lots of Belgiums come flooding over at weekends to fill up on booze, cigs and petrol/diesel.  Shops are supposed to sell you a max of 800 cigs but just yesterday there was a woman in front of me buying 10 cartons of camels, koff-koff.  I am told that near Calais, that the Transmarche service area is the cheapest for bulk buys but never been there myself.
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