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Brazil nuts!!!!


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Why are these not available in France-even tried health food shops.Do not want salted,sugared,vanilla flavoured,moule flavoured, just goddam plain brazil nuts.Can only think its cos they dont grow in French ex colonies!Can find almost every other type of nut,including nuts and bolts-but these are evading capture!

Help-  Maude

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Ditto; I've also searched everywhere; they appear in some muesli mixtures but never separately.   I always ask anyone going back to the Uk to bring me some.   I probably hanker for them more cos I know they're like hen's teeth.....and I'm sick of walnuts....

It's a mystery........

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Well, if you still want to buy them after reading Bellac's links, then you can. We buy them in Carrefour & they're called Noix d'Amazonie & they're sold shelled. You'll find them in the section where the dried fruits, nuts & popping corn are. BTW, the ones we get are split into two joined trays, just in case you're looking for a bag.
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