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Electronic tagging machines


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Has anyone had any wierd experiences with these in the supermarkets?

My poor neighbour set one off yesterday on her way IN to the store!!!!!! She was taken to the managers office and made to remove her Jacket which it seemed was the culprit for setting off the machine. The jacket in question was bought in Disneyland Paris last year!!!

She was offered no appologies for the inconvenience.


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Yes........some time ago now my wife and I were shopping in the supermarket in Benodet....we paid for our purchases and on leaving the alarm kicked in.... the manageress went through our stuff checked everything  and again on leaving the alarm  went off. It was then decided that a search of my wifes handbag was in order  and this was duly carried out....By now a crowd was convinced we were crooks .....after nothing was discovered in her handbag we went to leave and again all hell let loose......I  then came to the conclusion in her bag must be somthiong with a bar code on it...........there was ....a  Dorset County Library  Bar Code ..... on a Guide to Brittany .......The manageress left us with the words "Please dont come back in with that book ! 
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Insist on them calling the Police before you let them look at anything!!We had a problem with short change at a supermarket till;they said you will have to come back at closing-time so we can check the till-we said-no thank you -we will stand here at the till till it is sorted;got our money in less than 5 minutes.
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