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1 in 5 through the tills in the summer are English speakers


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This was a statement from one of my students at a large Carcassonne supermarket, which left me stunned!

The same supermarket are going to be putting most labels in English and are currently paying for a lot of their staff to have English lessons.

Whilst I'm on the subject, does anyone know the French for 'Red Snapper'?  It's not rouget ... but I can't find the French for it anywhere!

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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]Anyway, so much for us not contributing to the economy, then. At least for a month or so.................[/quote]Quite Betty!  I've never quite understood the argument that by spending all my pension here and paying all my taxes here, that I don't contribute...  I thought I'd missed the point.[8-)]
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